Make: Paper Swirly Stars

Hello all, we hope you are having a lovely Saturday. We know that the weekend before Christmas is busy busy busy with last minute present buying, Christmas social gatherings, travelling to see family (or cleaning for guests coming) so we thought this weekend, for day’s 7 and 8 of our handmade Christmas crafts series we would bring you two quick and simple projects we have used to finish decorating our tree, which just use materials from around the house – namely white paper, glue (and cardboard for tomorrow).

So, in an effort to keep it snappy, we’re excited to bring you today’s craft, which takes only about 10 minutes: Paper Swirly Stars (or snowflakes)

You will need:

Some white printer paper (although you could use any scrap book paper or wrapping paper you fancied)

Some glue – we used super glue but PVA or any paper glue would work fine.

A ruler, pencil and pair of scissors.

Some string and a hole punch if you wanted to string them up for the tree.

Also, as a side note before we start we made mini stars to fit our tree (when they were finished they only measured 4 ½ inches across) but if you wanted to make bigger stars, just cut bigger pieces of paper, as long as all your squares start the same size your star will be symmetrical when it’s finished.

1) On your piece of paper, draw 6 squares, each with sides 1 ¾ inches long and cut them out.

2) Fold you squares in half on the diagonal, to make little triangles.

3) On the folded side of each triangle, measure 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch from two the sides and cut parrelel to the two shorter sides, as in the diagram above (we were struggling a little with how to describe this, it’s not even slightly difficult but tough to describe).

4) Open out each triangle back into a square and lift up the inner most flaps. Tease the points of the flaps towards each other and overlap slightly to create a little tunnel. We found it helpful to wrap them around a pencil to get a nice smooth curve.

5) Glue the points of the flaps together to secure the little tunnel.

6) Flip the square of paper over, so that the little tunnel is now facing downwards. Lift up the middle flaps, and in exactly the same way as before, draw these together, overlapping the ends slightly

7) Glue these points together, again we found it useful to pop a pencil underneath the flaps to hold down whilst the glue dried.

8) For the last time, flip the paper over so that the smallest tunnel is back on top and lift up the ends of the outermost flaps to meet each other and glue in place. For this one we found the handle of a paintbrush about the right size to help hold everything in place while we glued.

9) Phew that’s the hard bit over with. Once you are finished you should have 6 pretty little paper swirls that look something like the picture below. If you are making larger stars, everything will be a little less fiddly. If you are feeling particularly adventurous you could probably cut extra flaps on a larger creation to make it even more intricate.

10) Take each paper swirl in turn and making sure they are all facing the same direction glue the tips together.

11) Once all 6 swirls are glued on you are left with a pretty cute star (or snowflake). We decided with these little ones to punch a small hole for a string to hang from our tree, but if you have made a larger creation you could even hang it from your door instead of a wreath.

We promise the rest of the crafts are going to come thick and fast as there’s now only a week until Christmas! We’d love to hear about what neat projects you’ve been up to, why not share them here or on our Facebook page


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