Make: Papercraft Christmas Angel

Hey all happy Sunday!, we hope you’ve had a fun weekend whatever it is you were doing, and that your all getting into the Christmas spirit!  We are back to day with day 8 of our handmade Christmas, and as promised today is another quick paper craft, because, goodness knows these December days are whizzing by and there is always a mountain of Christmas preparations to be doing.

After 7 days of crafts our tree decorating is almost complete, but there was one final ingredient missing. The top of our tree was still empty. Now, we know that what you put as the final trimming to your tree is super personal. Some families go with angels, and others with stars. My family always have a spire which has been lovingly wrapped and kept safe for year after year since my brother and I were little. Phil’s family change every year, switching it up depending on what their tree looks like.

So, when it came to what to top our tree with we were a little stumped, until I came across some Pinspiration a few weeks ago, here.  She is just p-e-r perfect for our tree, homey, simple and rustic feeling, without super amounts of bling or glitter. But, when we clicked on the link alas, rather than being a tutorial the link sent us to an online shop in the Netherlands.

But, as we are never ones to throw in the towel we decided to figure our how to make one of our own and share it with you lovely people (and when I say we, I mean Phil – he just has a knack for these things.) And, we couldn’t be happier with the end results!

She is cute and simple and perfectly formed to sit on our tree this year.  She is basically made of three angel cut outs slotted together, two with wings and one without. We made her out of card, but Phil is set on making a more permanent one out of wood for next year, and you know, we will be back to share it when she’s done.

Papercraft Christmas Angel

You will need:

Corrugated card

White printer paper (or any scrap book paper or wrapping paper or pretty coloured card you fancy)

PVA or paper glue

Pencil and scissors or craft knife.

1) Make a template of your angel – Fold a sheet of paper in half length-ways and draw a half angel against the fold. We used a few buttons and a plate we had close to hand to help shape the curves.

When you unfold the template it will have 2 wings, but we can immediately cut one off as the final template doesn’t need this.

2) Draw and cut out your cardboard angels – You will need to draw out three angels on your cardboard. Two with wings, one without. Once you are happy, carefully cut out the shapes with a craft knife (it was a bit too tricky to get our scissors in and keep the cutting neat, especially around her neck).

Once you are done you should be left with three angels.

3) Cover your cardboard angels – We covered each side of our angels in white paper to keep it looking clean and simple and then cut them out, but really you could paint her, or glitter her or cover her in any paper or decoration you fancied. To make sure we got a really good fit rather than using our stencil we used the cardboard cut outs as templates for the white paper covering. Once we were happy we glued the white paper onto the card with PVA.

4) Cut out slots – This is the part of the project which took a bit of figuring out. If we were just constructing our angel from just 2 pieces, you could just cut a slot halfway down one piece and halfway up the other and they would lock together nicely. Working with three pieces is a little more complicated. On each of the winged angel sections you need to cut a slot right down the middle 3/4 of the way along the total length of the angel. Cut the slot from the head down on one piece and from the bottom up on the other. On the angel section with no wings, we need two slots, one from the head down and one from the bottom up, each 1/4 of the height of the angel (we cut the slots out before sticking down the white covers to make things a bit easier for you guys to see).

We cut our slots pretty tight at first but found that the angels didn’t sit together tidily so we needed to make the slots a little wider, but we suggest you start with a narrow slot and make it wider if you need too (if the slots are too wide your angel won’t hold together nicely).

5) Slot your angel together – Once your slots are cut, slip all 3 segments together and she’s finished!

We were lucky with our angel, as our tree had the perfect little branch infront to hold the angel on top, but you could also use a hole punch to make a couple of discrete holes and use a little bit of white ribbon to tie her to the tree if your branches are less ideally placed!

As much as we used her for the top of the tree, she would look cute anywhere in the house. Also, the angels are a total blank canvas so are perfect for kids to decorate and make them really personal!

Day 8 – done! xx

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  1. miette says:

    Thank you for this wonderful sharing. Your blog is very interesting, congratulations.
    Happy Holidays and New Year, Miette

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