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Bake: Garlic Stuffed Focaccia

Well our weekend got off to a bang, quite literally, as our washing machine decided to break rather impressively whilst on a spin cycle, and then decided to go for a run around the kitchen leaving much destruction in it’s wake. Sam … Continue reading

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Cook: Only 11 minutes to make dinner …. Sorted!

Have you ever had one of those odd evenings when for whatever reason you are on your own for dinner? It never seems to make much sense to slave over a hot stove for hours and make something fancy, so … Continue reading

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Cook: Basil Oil

Embarrassingly easy to make but so delicious,  basil oil definitely deserves its own little cheeky post. There was a time long in the past when I used to buy basil infused olive oil, since it’s such a tasty finishing touch to … Continue reading

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Cook: Homemade Fresh Mozzarella

Ever get the itch to make your own cheese? … if the answer is no maybe this isn’t quite the place for you but thanks for stopping by :P. However, if the answer is yes please read on…(oh and please … Continue reading

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Bake: Italian Pancetta Bread

So we went to Italy earlier this year and mostly did nothing but gorge ourselves on delicious food. At the end of our trip we stayed in an amazing little hotel just outside Bologna which served what must have been the … Continue reading

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