Make: Knitted Stocking Christmas Ornaments

Happy Wednesday, we hope you all having a good week! Can you believe its time for installment 6 of our handmade Christmas already? We can’t! December is whizzing by at a rate of knots and we are glad to be using a few minutes every day to work on our crafts together, take a deep breath and not let Christmas pass us by in a flurry of work and shopping :D.

So, without further ado, I’m excited to share my knitted stocking ornaments. I’ll admit, today’s craft isn’t one which came together in an evening, it’s one I have been working on for a few weeks. In fact, they were the first project I picked up after we decided on creating our handmade Christmas this year. I also can’t take any credit for the pattern. I used one that I had pinned on Pinterest a while ago (sometime during the summer I think), and had been waiting for the winter to set in to bust out my knitting needles. Its from Little Cotton Rabbits a totally enchanting blog written by a super talented knitter called Julie, which I would really encourage you to have a peek at. She has kindly shared a fair few super cute and easy to follow knitting patterns which are free for personal or charity use.

I have always been much more of a quilter than a knitter. I did once endeavor to knit myself a jumper one summer, but totally omitted to use any kind of measure to gauge my stitches, which resulted in a finished jumper so big it looked like I had knitted it for a Yeti. Oh dear :S. Also, until a few weeks ago I had actually never knitted with two colours in a pattern, so these stockings were a good learning opportunity. They did take a bit of trial and error in the beginning, but by the end I was pretty chuffed with the results, and I could sit down and finish one in a couple of hours.

The pattern is fairly self-explanatory (and may be found here), but I did tweak a couple of things (although if you get confused just let us know where and we’ll try to help you out). The stockings are knit on two straight needles, rather than in the round. Although the pattern calls for 2.5mm needles, I knit my stockings on 3mm needles (because that’s what I had handy) using Rowan Cotton Glace 4-ply cotton yarn – in poppy and oyster colours. I then followed the pattern for the most part, except I got a bit creative when it came to the fairisle pattern section, and after the first few socks, I made up my own either with alternating striped rows, alternating red and white stitches or just using a solid colour. Also, to make the string for the back of the stockings I just braided together the long loose ends from sewing up my sock and knotted it to make a loop.

As a final thought I made 8 stockings in total and have used less than half (two 50g balls) of my yarn, so I reckon you could probably get around 20 stockings from the two balls of cotton yarn in total. Each ball cost me £4. So, *** doing quick math *** I would say that puts the stockings in at around 40p each. Not bad really!

So, there you have it. They look super cute hanging on your Christmas tree or even as little gifts, maybe with a piece of candy inside. I was also pondering as I knit, maybe a little ambitiously, that if you made 24 and strung them together over a fireplace with a mini treat or message in each to use, they would make a really special handmade advent calendar…. hmmm …. maybe my next year I will have finished 24 of them.

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9 Responses to Make: Knitted Stocking Christmas Ornaments

  1. k.m. says:

    These are super-cute! Maybe I’ll use up some scrap yarn and whip up a few next week and hang them on the tree…once I set it up, of course 😉

    • They are the perfect project for scraps! I was surprised how little yarn each one took. Once I got the hang of them they got much quicker – about an hour each and I’m a fairly sllloww knitter. All you’d need is a Christmas movie and a couple of hours and I bet you could make plenty. xx

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  4. Diane says:

    Your stockings turned out very cute! I’m a recent fan of Little Cotton Rabbits and will be trying the stockings soon. It looks like such a nice, quick project. I’ve never tried using different colors of yarn and I think this is the perfect project to practice on. Very smart of you to just braid the ends!! Thanks for showing us what you did.

  5. Diane says:

    My stocking turned out well also. It looked a little iffy when I was doing the heel, but I totally trusted her pattern. It’s blue and white with stripes. I didn’t have the courage to try one of the designs on the first one. I too just learned how to use the double pointed needles by knitting some fingerless gloves. It is strange at first and looks very wicked!! I felt like Edward Scissorhands when I tried them on with the needles in place. I looked at your cute little mittens too, I love small things and I might have to try those. Cute Christmas card too. You both look like you had fun making them.

    • Ha ha ha! I know exactly what you mean about Edward Scissorhands! I was definitely in knots for the first afternoon, but it has (thankfully) become much easier with practice on the double needles. I’m glad other people are learning too and I’m not the only person who is still improving their knitting skills. If you have mastered double needles you should give the mittens a whirl, they are so quick once you get started. Also, they have inspired me to make myself some full sized mittens too, as the weather has just become super cold in Edinburgh so my little fingers could do with being warmed up. Thanks for checking in with us! 😀 Sam x

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