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Halloween: Mocha Pumpkin Seed Trail Mix

Hi y’all! Before we start, we just wanted to say that we are both sending lots of thoughts and prayers to all our readers and their friends, family and loved ones who are currently without power, flooded or snowed in … Continue reading

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Bake: Pumpkin Pie

  So, Sam and I were thinking … what is our favorite kind of pie? A tough one if you ask me. We pondered for a long time and made ourselves kinda hungry (thinking can do that to you), but … Continue reading

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Cook: Parsnip and Pumpkin Soup

Today I have decided is definitely a curl up inside in the warm with a hearty bowl of home-made soup and a hunk of bread ┬ákind of a day. Had to get a new coat and a scarf to manage … Continue reading

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