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Bake: Pugliese – artisan bread time!

So I guess I should first apologize for the slight absence of posts since finishing our ottoman. I can assure you we didn’t entirely drop off the face of the earth, rather our laptop kinda dropped off the face of … Continue reading

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Bake: Garlic Stuffed Focaccia

Well our weekend got off to a bang, quite literally, as our washing machine decided to break rather impressively whilst on a spin cycle, and then decided to go for a run around the kitchen leaving much¬†destruction¬†in it’s wake. Sam … Continue reading

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Bake: Rye Bread

So I was planning to bake a cake today, I even went to the supermarket to pick up supplies, big old list of ingredients in hand, but I got just a little distracted in the flour section (it helped that … Continue reading

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