Make: Christmas Card Wreath

Hello again, it’s day 9 of our handmade Christmas craft festivities! With Christmas right around the corner, we are enjoying Christmas cards regularly plopping onto our doormat. I love trying to guess who has sent them based on envelopes and seeing all the friendly season’s greetings people send our way. But I often find it tricky to know how to display them so that they can be seen and appreciated as they lovely things they are, but without turning into a nuisance and getting knocked over repeatedly.

We used to put any cards we received on our window sill, but the problem was that every time we opened the curtains (or the window if it was a sunny day) they would go flying onto the carpet and turn into bit of a slipping hazzard or just get crumpled and sad looking.

So, this year we decided to do something more proactive and Christmassy to boot and take a leaf out of Martha Stewart’s book, with this simple and totally free (as we has all the ingredients in the house already) Christmas card wreath to hang in our lounge.

I originally found the idea on Martha’s website here, but had to tweak it a little as I only has a quilting hoop not an embroidery hoop to attach our cards too.

Here’s how to make one of your very own …

Christmas Card Wreath

You will need:

A quilting or embroidery hoop

Cotton yarn or string

12 wooden clothes pegs

30 inches of wide festive ribbon

A needle and some thread

1) Tie – Take a long piece of your string or yarn and knot the end around the hoop tightly to secure. Next take one of your clothes pegs, holding it up to the hoop, wrap the yarn tightly going over the peg and under the hoop repeatedly to hold the two tightly together. If you are using an embroidery hoop you wont even need to tie on your pegs as they will be able to just grab around the hoop. Once the peg is secure just tie off the yarn and tuck the knot under to hide it.

2) Keep tying – Once you have secured your first peg, tie the next facing in the opposite direction to the first. You want to make sure that the pegs are evenly spaced and a good mix of inwards and outwards facing to maximise the number of cards which will fit.

3) Ribbon – In order for the ribbon and bow to sit nicely we found it helped to make them in two stages. Firstly to make the loop for the hoop to hang from, we took 20 inches of ribbon, passed it through the hoop to make a loop and sewed the ends together. This loop will take all the strain of the hanging hoop and allow your bow to stay looking pretty (boy, that was a lot of loops and hoops).

 Secondly with the remaining 10 inches of ribbon tie a cute bow (there are 101 ways to do this if you are struggling to make one you are happy with, a quick Google will sort you out). Once you have a bow you are happy with simply tack it onto the front of your loop of ribbon and hook the finished card wreath to your wall or door.

As Christmas cards arrive through your door they can be pegged onto your hoop and sit pretty out of harms way and on show for all to admire.

So, there you have it. Another quick and simple project for a pre-Christmas afternoon. Keep us posted about any innovative or fun Christmas card projects you have had going on this year, and we will be back with another handmade Christmas update tommorow night xx

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3 Responses to Make: Christmas Card Wreath

  1. k.m. says:

    I made one of these last year for my dad for Christmas! It was a huge hit. We brought it out again this year and carefully went through the cards for the most attractive ones. It is such a nice tradition in the making 🙂

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