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Make: Nail and Thread State Art (Part 2)

What’s that whooshing sound you hear? Oh, that’s the sound of Wednesday whizzing by in a blur leaving no real gap between Tuesday and Thursday and my Pinterest Challenge deadline in the dust. Deary me, but this is one of … Continue reading

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Make: Nail and Thread State Wall Art (Part 1)

Its that time again! We’ve been counting down the days and the minutes (well, not quite but we have been looking forward too it!) because its finally back! The Pinterest Challenge!!  (picture me doing a little happy dance). For those … Continue reading

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Make: Knitted Heart Garland

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and we celebrated in our usual way over here at cookquiltmakeandbake, by putting away our work and bloggage, switching off our phones / emails / assorted electronic devices, cooking a delicious dinner and taking time out … Continue reading

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Make: Cable Knit Cushion Cover for Project Woolsack

Its finished! I have been knit knit knitting away evenings this week to finish the back, and I’m super excited to share with you my completed Cable Knit Cushion Cover, which I am ready to put in the post this … Continue reading

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Make: Homemade Fortune Cookies

Well hey everyone and happy weekend! So as you may well know Monday is Chinese New Year, so we decided if would be fun and festive to mark the occasion with a couple of Chinese (-ish) themed projects! If you ask … Continue reading

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Make: Balsam Fir Scented Sachets (from a Christmas Tree!)

Hi all, we are back today with a simple and delicious smelling craft project for a winter evening! If you’re a regular reader you might remember that last week I was singing the praises of this year’s Christmas tree for … Continue reading

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Cook: Honeycomb Toffee

Hey all, firstly and most importantly Happy New Years eve! We have taken a few days off as we were in transit from family to home but now we are back and excited to get our cook-on for the next … Continue reading

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