Life: Thanksgiving came early!

Hi folks,

Happy Thanksgiving week to you all 😀

Today we don’t have a tutorial to share with you.  Instead, this weekend Phil and I took some much needed time off and traveled from Edinburgh all the way down to West Yorkshire in England to visit my brother to celebrate Thanksgiving with him.

Phil and my brother Adam 

We know we were a few days early with our celebrations this year, but this weekend (being the weekend before Thanksgiving for those of you who don’t celebrate) was the only time we were mutually free to travel. The UK doesn’t give us any time off for American celebrations ….. sad times.

So although we were early, we figured that really, in the spirit of thanksgiving, it doesn’t matter when you celebrate. What’s more important is that you make sure to take a weekend with your loved ones, come together to prepare and eat a meal and  to spend some quality time together.

Now, we know its a little odd for a bunch of Brits to be so attached to an American holiday that they would embark on a 4 hour drive just to celebrate it. But, what many of you might not know is that my brother Adam, my family and I spent a fairly significant chunk of my teenage years living in Massachusetts (infact, I did all of my highschooling there. Class of 2004! Woop).

So, it turns out that, even though we don’t live in the US anymore, the holidays you celebrate as a child and a teenager are pretty hard to let go of as you get older (especially ones as full of holiday goodness as Thanksgiving!!). So instead, each year we try to celebrate Thanksgiving in our own way. The awesome thing is this year we got to hoof it on down to Adam so he could share in the holiday spirit with us!

We divided up the work so the boys tackled the feast while I tackled the decor and the pie.

So, let me share our decorations first.

Our Thanksgiving Table 

Apart from setting the table nicely with table cloth and napkins (which, I’ll be honest, we don’t do every day, sorry Martha) our decorations centered on two main projects:

1) a fall colours felt ball garland I have been working on for more or less ALL of fall (man, it has taken a long time and I have a post all about it for you coming in the week ahead :D)

2) a thanksgiving fall tree centerpiece

The tree was one of the quickest projects I’ve done in a long time (which is good because the felt balls took forever!) We wanted a centerpiece which would travel well on our mini road trip (which ruled out flowers which is what I would normally go for), and which would be seasonal and cute.

So, first I tasked Adam in the week before we arrived to go for a walk in his local park and find us some good branches (which was a task he totally aced and found some perfect specimens!)

Then I just took some double sided card in fall-ish colours which I already had in our craft cupboard and cut out some leaf shapes (which I drew free hand on the card in pencil first). All that was left to do was to punch a hole in each leaf and thread it with some red string.

Then on Saturday when we arrived at Adams I just popped the branches in a vase and hung my leaves on them. We had around 5 branches and I cut around 30 leaves which ended up being more than enough.

All in all the project took about 20 minutes, including finding the branches and cutting the leaves.

Simple and cute! 😀 – I also used the leftover leaves to make some easy place cards for our napkins.

Here are the boys, intently cooking up a storm. 

So now for food. On the menu we had:

Turkey with a bacon blanket which Phil lovingly latticed (our turkey fed 8!, which means Adam will be eating leftover turkey until Christmas!)

Mashed potatoes

Roast root vegetables

Cabbage (we were going to make green bean casserole but the boys unanimously said they preferred cabbage).

Phil’s homemade soft rolls

Turkey stuffing

Gravy and Cranberry Sauce

and Pumpkin Pie for pudding.

I was desperate to make Yams too but the boys assured me we probably had enough food for an army so I relented for this year (not next year though boys!!, although if I’m honest we really did have enough food for an army).

And let me tell you, from the first buttery roll to the last bite of smooth pumpkiny pie it was ddddeeeeellllicious 😀

Luckily by the next morning we were ready to eat again, so for breakfast we popped to Betty’s in Harrogate, a proper traditional English tearoom, where the waitresses wear frilly pinnys and the baked goods are to die for. On a Sunday morning in the winter they light the log fires and have a pianist tinkling on the piano. Phil and I try to go to Betty’s whenever we are in the North of England, so we just couldn’t resist a stop by. Our one tip is to get there early if you don’t want to wait. Betty’s yummyness is not a very well kept secret and lines can get pretty long if you are not an early bird.

So, that was our lovely weekend.

It’s funny how the weekend off was exactly what we needed to get ourselves in the holiday spirit and get down to planning our twelve days of Christmas posts which are in the pipeline as we speak (Phil is sat next to me working on part one which is going to take a little time to come together) so keep tuning in! 😀

So, for those of you yet to celebrate, let us wish you a very happy, safe and food filled Thanksgiving, whoever you choose to spend it with.

We know that we have so many things to be thankful for (we are far more blessed than we could hope for). But one of our biggies is all of you, our lovely and patient readers who stop by every day and send us awesome comments and emails.  You never fail to make us smile, so we are thankful for you!

Happy Turkey Day from both of us!

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2 Responses to Life: Thanksgiving came early!

  1. Kenn says:

    Nothing has pleased me so much today as looking at the photographs of you three. I am spending Thanksgiving alone because my family moved to England and left me behind. Alas. Much love to you all. Kenn

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