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Cook: Corned beef (part 1)

Hey folks its the weekend again (woop!) and time for an epic food project: Home made corned beef! Good things come to those who wait  … and boy is there a lot of waiting on this little project, as making corned … Continue reading

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Bake: Garlic Stuffed Focaccia

Well our weekend got off to a bang, quite literally, as our washing machine decided to break rather impressively whilst on a spin cycle, and then decided to go for a run around the kitchen leaving much destruction in it’s wake. Sam … Continue reading

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Cook: Smoked Haddock Chowder (Cullen Skink) with Honey Oat Bread

Happy Burns night to you all, the night of the year when Scotland celebrates the birthday of its very favourite poet Robert Burns. He arrived to the world on the 25th of January 1759 (or so says Wikipedia :D) and … Continue reading

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Life: Busy Weekends

Just occasionally, even the best laid plans can get foiled.  Just occasionally, you start the weekend with earnest intentions to blog about sesame chicken, because Monday is Chinese New Year. But then weekend things happen (normal weekend things that you … Continue reading

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Cook: Garlic Roast Jerusalem Artichoke

As I am sure we have mentioned on at least five or six occasions now, each week Sam and I have a box full of organic vegetables delivered to our door from a local farm. Aside from a few staples like onions … Continue reading

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Make: Cinnamon Craft and some seriously naughty Spanish Hot Chocolate

Tonight is the twelfth night after Christmas, which means that if you follow tradition, tomorrow is the day for tenderly putting away all your lovely Christmas decorations and facing the dark month of January *sigh –  sniffle – sniffle*. He … Continue reading

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Cook: Honeycomb Toffee

Hey all, firstly and most importantly Happy New Years eve! We have taken a few days off as we were in transit from family to home but now we are back and excited to get our cook-on for the next … Continue reading

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