The big move!

Hi folks. We have exciting news for you tonight……

We’ve moved!
(nope, not house, don’t worry Mum :D)

Sam and Phil are now the proud owners of  ….

We have loved our little blog space over the past 14 months but, in the last couple of months (thanks to all our lovely readers!) we have somewhat (a lot) out grown him.

So, just like a family who keeps growing and moving on up from their little two bed condo to a proper family home, we decided it was time to embrace the change, bite the bullet and buy our own domain (think of it as our new 3 bed semi-detached :D).

Phil has spent the weekend glued to his laptop coding away, so hopefully the move should be pretty seamless and you shouldn’t have to do anything different. All our follower emails should update automatically, and the old site will keep redirecting you on over to our new casa :D. (In fact, if you check out your browser address, you should have been redirected over there already. Surprise!)

That being said, please bear with us if things are a bit buggy over the next few days . Just like getting used to the boiler and electrics in a new home, it’s taking us a while to get to grips with the new and slightly daunting world of SQL databases and CSS coding (:S !).

Also, if you do notice anything which isn’t working for you please shoot us a line via the usual routes (, twitter or facebook).

Otherwise, its service as usual over here at cookquiltmakeandbake. New domain, slightly new web address, same old Sam and Phil 😀

So, welcome to our new home! We love you guys 😀

About Cook Quilt Make and Bake

Hi, I'm Sam, he's Phil. Welcome to our blog where we share our fun down time projects. We're just a young couple, happily cooking, making, quilting and baking our way through life and love. You're welcome to stop by and share the good times!
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