Life: Hopping Over the Pond

I’m afraid to say we have no cooking, quilting, making or baking to share with you all today. Instead, we have decided to celebrate the end of exams for both of us (finally !! ….no more moaning about them, promise :D) by putting away our school books and projects, packing our bags and escaping to just about our favourite place in the whole wide world, New England!!!

We have rented a car and are taking the next few days to drive, enjoy the scenery, eat good food and spend time with very loved friends and family.

Also, Phil is not shy to tell just about anyone that his favourite food in the whole world is lobster so we will most definitely hitting up our favourite hidden gem of a lobster shack.

So, if you happen to see a Chevy Impala (yep, that’s our rental car, random we know! :D) happily driving through your New England town with a slightly lost looking young couple in it (lost because I am navigating and Phil is driving and I happen to struggle just a tad with left and right, but since when did the odd diversion or ten ever hurt anyone I ask! he he he ) give us a wave …… and then probably brace yourselves because we will be about to ask for directions.


Thanks for being patient while we take this mini blog-holiday. We will be back next week with our regularly scheduled programming, but for now, we are off to go and enjoy our vacation (after all, we think we deserve it).

Much love from New England,

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Hi, I'm Sam, he's Phil. Welcome to our blog where we share our fun down time projects. We're just a young couple, happily cooking, making, quilting and baking our way through life and love. You're welcome to stop by and share the good times!
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  1. Elizabeth Z says:

    Enjoy your vacation!

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