Bake: Everything is better with sprinkles

Hey lovely readers! So I feel I should start by saying sorry for being a little AWOL this week. The world got a little bit busy on us, and sadly the blog was the only thing that could be put on hold for a few days; however now it’s the weekend which means we can all put our feet up for two minutes, relax, and enjoy spring finally being here.

Speaking of spring, Sam and I are unbelievably exited about our garden. Way back in September we bought ourselves some bulbs, compost and a couple of planters and turned the tiniest of window ledges our very own Eden. Amid the madness of the week, our bulbs have all come to life, which is some achievement as far as we are concerned; whilst we are comfortable bakers and crafters we certainly don’t have green fingers so go us! 😀

As exciting as flowers are, today I’m here to talk about cupcakes and more importantly icing them. For Christmas Sam and I were given an electronic icing pen which we haven’t had any time to play with until now, so we thought baking cupcakes might be the perfect opportunity to have a play (as ever, we wern’t payed or perked to chat about our icing gun, just like sharing fun kitchen gadgets when we get them :D).

For the cake part of today’s post, I put my faith in Martha Stewart, and grabbed her  basic vanilla cupcake recipe from here (I won’t recreate it on this post as I was good, and followed the instructions exactly). The cupcakes came out pretty nicely, although I think there may be a bit of a volume difference between a British cupcake case and an American one. The recipe says it makes 12 cupcakes, but we easily had enough batter to make 18. In fact having filled the cases to make 12, I decided to empty a punnet of blueberries into the remaining batter to turn the final 6 into blueberry muffins instead (breakfast anyone?).

So with the cupcakes cooked and cooled it was finally time to have a play with our new toy. Now I am not usually a big fan of store bought frosting, but our new icing gun had a clever attachment to fill itself very neatly from a standard store frosting tub. As the nice people of Betty Crocker make theirs in plastic tubs, I figured we could reuse the tubs for homemade frosting in the future. Plus, as homemade frosting can be a bit variable in thickness we figured it was best to first try the icing pen with the frosting designed to be used in it. The icing gun comes with a number of syringes which you can fill with different types of frosting and quickly switch between which is really handy.

So once locked and loaded, all you need to do is hold down the button and the icing pipes out at a steady rate, no worrying about the amount of pressure to use like you do on a  piping bag.

We had a bit of a play with some different nossels and were kinda pleased with the results:

Now as nice as a set of matching cupcakes are, we couldn’t help ourselves but have a play and see what the results were like. As well as using the icing gun, we iced a few with a piping bag and a couple with the back of a teaspoon (sometimes low tech solutions can work pretty well too!).

I wonder if you can tell what tool we used ice each of these:

I know what you are thinking, something is missing. We thought it too, but then we had a eureka moment and remembered we had a drawer full of chocolaty sprinkley things. Of course sprinkles make everything in life that much better!, so we went a little crazy with them.

So whilst I don’t think Sam and I are going to set up shop as a cupcake factory any time soon we had a lot of fun. Have you guys had any success with weird and wonderful kitchen gadgets recently? I think we may need a little more practice before we can pass judgement on our new toy, but we definitely ended up with less frosting on our hands using the gun than with a piping bag, which is a big positive.

I hope you guys are having a good weekend too, time for us to curl up and watch a movie now me thinks 😀

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12 Responses to Bake: Everything is better with sprinkles

  1. oh my goodness, that ‘porcupine’ cupcake is absolutely perfect… I want it!! I am still at the “snip the corner off a ziploc bag” stage of cake decorating, but this is very inspiring!

    • Oh my goodness, frosting is definitely not one of our skills. I just kinda attacked the cupcake with the icing pen over and over and somehow it turned out spiky. We never thought about it looking like a hedgehog before but you’re right it totally does … if only we could find someone who could pipe on some eyes 😀 Phil

  2. Great looking cupcakes! Even though it is about 11 pm, I would so eat one! 😀

  3. wightbookwitch says:

    Isn’t it cruel to show such wonderful cakes in Lent.

  4. Awesome decoration! Really cool :D.

  5. sugaredpecan says:

    I love these! So pretty and equally delicious I’m sure!

  6. k.m. says:

    I read somewhere that muffins are supposed to be larger than cupcakes, and so muffin tins are the ones with 12 openings and the tins with 18 are cupcake tins.

    Actually, I think I read that in one of Martha Stewart’s books. Anyway, maybe that explains the recipe discrepancy?

    I have never tried to pipe anything. I did go crazy in the after-Christmas sales and buy an offset spatula. Unfortunately I promptly misplaced it somewhere in the house. Whoops! I think I might try the plastic-bag piping method though, sounds about my speed 🙂

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