Make: Cable Knit Cushion Cover for Project Woolsack

Its finished! I have been knit knit knitting away evenings this week to finish the back, and I’m super excited to share with you my completed Cable Knit Cushion Cover, which I am ready to put in the post this afternoon too Project Woolsack.

(Before I start I should just say that, as ever, that Phil and I are never payed or perked to blog about any projects or products, we just share good things when we see them). 

Most of you have probably not heard of Woolsack. I hadn’t until November last year,when my Mum and Grams pointed me in their direction (they had heard about it from their local Womens Institute group),  so now I’m sharing it with you :D.

The Woolsack project is part of the London 2012 Olympics Cultural Olympiad, which is a nationwide 4 year programme of cultural projects that have been going on around the UK since 2008. Its designed to allow anyone who wants to, to get involved in the Olympics in their own way and rocking out their own skills, without needing to have any sporting ability (thank goodness, because I am actually sporting ability devoid! Unless they make a quilting or reading event, I’m not going to win any medals this year, lol). The projects are all set up by individuals and organisations and they cater to literally any skills, from music to knitting. If you’re interested to know more their website has a ton more information and a looooong list of all the projects involved (I think there are more than 2500!)

The point of the Woolsack project is that knitters anywhere in the UK can make cushion which will be distributed to all the international Olympic athletes coming to London this summer, as a beautiful souvenir of their time in the UK. The cushions should all be made of British wool, which is so important, because it means that not only are we giving the athletes something genuinely British  we are also supporting small UK farms and wool producers who are helping to keep going some of our rarer breeds.

Anyway, enough of my chitter chatter. The Project Woolsack website and the Knitting and Crochet Guild website have all the information you need about making your cushion (and may be found here). I would definitely recommend having a look first because their are some rules about size – it has to be 16 inches square, and stuffing and logos etc. Also, the cushions need to be finished by March 31st to make sure there is enough time to get them organised and ready to distribute before the start of the Olympic games over the summer.

The hardest part of the whole project for me was to pick my wool, there are just so many beautiful colours and breeds and weights of British yarn out there from small independent producers who I had never considered of before, but loved their products (and would definitely look at again). But, luckily Santa took the decision out of my hands, and my stocking this year was stuffed with six balls of ‘Soft Spun Yarn’ from Jamieson and Smith, who are a wool brokers in the Shetland Isles in Scotland. They buy wool from 700 different Shetland Isle crofters and farmers and make it into yarn, and blankets and knitwear.

I picked my pattern by googling Cable Knit cushions and found a free pattern from the magazine Canadian Living (I can’t say I’m a regular Canadian Living reader lol, but I appreciate them sharing free and good quality patterns online). Here is the link to their pattern.

It has a cable and boxes pattern on the front, just boxes on the back and is knit with 5mm needles and a 5mm cable needle. This was my first foray into cable knitting and I was really pleased how simple it was and how easy the pattern instructions were to follow. Also, the pattern says you will need 300g of yarn, but I only used 200g and have some extra left for another project.

The only part of the pattern I omitted was the tassles, because, well ….. I’m just not a tassel kind of a gal, but if tassels float your boat I’m not judging 😀 All in all the project probably took me about 10 evenings of concerted knitting, but I’m really pleased with the end product so it was all worth it.

So there you have it, I encourage you to go and check out the project and pick up your needles. It was fun to make a project not for the house, but just because you can!

Lastly if you were wondering what the cushion looked like inside out (can’t really think of an obvious reason why), Phil very kindly took many inside out pictures of the finished cushion before I came back and pointed out I wasn’t sure that’s what it was meant to look like. I don’t think he noticed the many trailing threads and the fact that the cable knit pattern was on the inside! Bless him for trying, this is sometimes what happens when you leave a boy to take pictures of your craft projects, but he did such a nice job I thought I’d share one of these photos anyway 😀 😀 😀

Happy weekend


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10 Responses to Make: Cable Knit Cushion Cover for Project Woolsack

  1. Leandra says:

    I love it!! I will have to add that to my list of crafty things to do now that I’m hopefully finished with my thesis. What a neat project too! I love finding yarn from local farms. I wonder what lucky olympian will get your cushion cover!

    • Thanks! I’m so excited your thesis is finished! Just think of all the fun projects you can do in an evening now your not having to type away. You are allowed to attach a note to the cushion so that the Olympian getting your cushion knows who made it, but I would love to know back who got mine. 😀 It would be fun to find some ME or MA wool when we are over in the summer and make one for my lounge too! x

  2. k.m. says:

    Gorgeous! Love the pattern and you did such a great job, the yarn really complements the cables.

    Your post also reminds me that I’ve been meaning to knit my cushion by now. I shall have to get knitting soon, 31 March isn’t that far away now!

  3. dorothy kitson says:

    10 out of 10 the cushion looks super hope it encourages more to have a go and knit one.
    It would be really good to know which country got the cushion if they couldn’t manage to let us know the person

  4. Sarah Adie says:

    That cushion looks amazing!

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  6. Katia says:

    Hi there,
    I absolutely love your work, cushion is beautiful. I am quite inspired to have a go at this pattern, I’m just wondering is the Jamieson soft spun a DK or aran weight yarn? I can’t seem to find it on their website, is the 2ply jumper weight acceptable substitute?
    Many thanks

    • Thanks, what a lovely comment! The wool is an aran weight yarn. It was very sturdy and just one of the nicest wools I’ve worked with yet! Good luck with the cushion and let me know how it turns out. Sam xx

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