Life: Busy Weekends

Just occasionally, even the best laid plans can get foiled.  Just occasionally, you start the weekend with earnest intentions to blog about sesame chicken, because Monday is Chinese New Year. But then weekend things happen (normal weekend things that you don’t really blog about) like forgetting to take the chicken out of the freezer, loads of washing, bits and pieces for work, food shopping, baking blueberry muffins (not for the blog, just because they are yummy :D) ironing and naps. And, just occasionally, once you have worked on other blog projects (so many other projects!), you both sit down on Sunday afternoon and realise that you don’t really fancy sesame chicken at all (actually what you fancy is Phil’s delicious chicken noodle soup and another blueberry muffin!).

So, what this is all to say really is that, we aren’t going to be blogging about sesame chicken today, despite having the best of intentions to. Instead we decided to check in with you all, give you a quick snapshot into our weekend, and then go back to beavering away with the many many other projects we have on the go, but just aren’t quite ready to blog about yet.

So, right now, we are:

:: watching our little bulbs start to sprout in earnest. Not long now until we are going to see purple crocuses starting to flower we hope.

:: sewing lavender sachets for our coat cupboard and a few extra for a good friends birthday tomorrow, still using up fabric from Phil’s old jumper. Who knew one sweater could go so far.

:: baking  blueberry muffins (because blueberries were on sale again this weekend and we can’t resist a good fruit bargain!) and fruit cake, just because we fancied it and got the ingredients reduced after Christmas in our local store.

:: painting and cutting hardboard for an exciting new kitchen art project we are working on (don’t worry, details and tutorial to follow as soon as it’s finished).

:: reading The Hobbit together. Phil couldn’t believe I hadn’t read it yet (neither could I in truth) so we started it on Friday and can’t put it down at the moment!

:: cooking Chicken Noodle soup for a Sunday afternoon snack. Delicious smells are emanating from the kitchen as we speak.

:: knitting a cable cushion cover from british wool (more on that to come too!)

:: planning a vacation road trip as soon as we can possibly muster, we have road maps spread out on our table as often as we can at the moment.

:: looking forward to Burns night later this week, and Phil’s brothers wedding which is right around the corner! May is the perfect month for weddings.

:: enjoying that it is not quite as dark in an evening as it was a few weeks ago, which must mean that Spring is right around the corner.

So, from both of us over here at cookquiltmakeandbake, we hope you have had a peaceful and fun weekend, whatever it is you were doing. Don’t worry, we will be back on Wednesday with a Burns Night supper project.

p.s. we borrowed our ‘right now’ idea from SouleMama, who’s beautiful blog we check in with all the time, you can find her at

Happy Sunday xx

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Hi, I'm Sam, he's Phil. Welcome to our blog where we share our fun down time projects. We're just a young couple, happily cooking, making, quilting and baking our way through life and love. You're welcome to stop by and share the good times!
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3 Responses to Life: Busy Weekends

  1. Diane says:

    Thank goodness Phil is opening your world up to The Hobbit. The best thing is you’ll get to read more about them and see the movies, if you haven’t already. If I could, I’d live in a Hoobit house. The knitting in the picture looks beautiful. I really like that color.

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