Make: Mini Knitted Mittens

Hello all, day 10 of our handmade Christmas is upon us and present wrapping is now in full swing (which means, if you are expecting to receive a gift from us this year – Mum, Dad – spoiler alert, look away now :D).

We decided this year it would be a fun idea to mix up our gift wrapping by adding a knitted twist – these adorable, miniature but perfectly formed little mittens, which we will use as well as a bow to add to the silver and white ribbon with which we have used in recent years.

This year has been a Christmas of knitting firsts for me. It started with learning to use multiple colors to make my knitted stockings for the tree, and now again for this project with learning to knit in the round. I’ll admit I was totally baffled with using more than two needles at first. I literally tied myself in knots, because (and I’m sure anyone who has taught themselves to knit in the round will agree) what on earth are you supposed to do with the other needles while you are knitting with two?!? I was really frustrated that they kept getting in the way and I wasn’t entirely sure if I needed to go under them or over them or what to do. Buuuuttt, as with all things in life, a little bit of patience and some googling later (thank goodness for online knitting tutorials!) things got a little easier and I managed to finish my first mitten – which if I’m honest, even though it only consists of 15 rows, actually took me all afternoon.

The problem, though, was that we had planned on putting a pair of mittens, joined by a string (because you simply must string mittens together so one doesn’t get lost) on every present we were giving, which at the rate I was knitting was going to take until next Christmas to finish, let alone this one. But, never to be one to be daunted by a craft undertaking, I carried on, and after about the 4th or 5th mitten my speed picked up, and now I can whip one out (he he that sounds rude) in about 30 minutes – or one episode of Big Bang Theory (yep, we’re hooked, good old Sheldon).

I found the pattern for the mini mittens on knitting pattern central’s free Christmas knitting pattern directory, which has links to literally a hundred different projects which people have kindly contributed to the website. I will admit, some are a bit hit and miss but many of them are super cute and quick projects to get your teeth into over the holidays.

The mitten pattern I found their actually originates from a fun website called ChemKnits, which is a cute blog full of free knitting patterns, including some, admittedly unusual, but very fun patterns for knitting different chemical molecular structures onto jumpers – a perfect gift for your sciency friends.

I really didn’t tweak the pattern at all as they came out perfectly when they were finished. I simply made two mittens, then made a little braid and sewed it into the inside of each one to join them. Then I added a brown paper gift tag and tied them to our presents. They really are little – just the right size to fit on the end of your fingers, but I haven’t found anyone who didn’t think they were cute. What can I say, people just can’t get enough of cute mini things, especially at Christmas.

Enjoy the rest of your day, and let us know if you’ve had any cute wrapping inspiration this year 😀

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