Make: Christmas Paint Chip Garland

Surprise! We are back with a second post today, and installment 11 of our 12 days of handmade Christmas, this time with another quick and free decoration or wrapping project.

I went into the study over the weekend and noticed that, amongst our other piles of craft materials, we still had a handful of paint chip samples left after finishing our Kitchen Paint Chip Art. They were sitting looking all lonesome in a selection of perfectly seasonal colors, so I decided it was time to incorporate them in the Christmas fun, and make a really quick and simple garland. We used ours to add some festive cheer to our hallway, but I like to think they are pretty darned versatile and could be used instead of ribbon for wrapping presents or on the tree. Also, we made ours seasonal with red and green but they would look super cute in bright colours with different shapes for a birthday, or in reds with hearts for Valentine’s Day, or even in fall colours for Halloween. The possibilities for these are pretty endless. So, don’t let your leftover paint chips go to waste, recycle them into pretty garlands for your house!

Here’s how I made ours:

Christmas Paint Chip Garland

You’ll need:

Some paint chips (in festive shades if you have them)

A pair of scissors

A pencil

Some baking parchment or tissue paper

A sewing machine

Something round to draw around (or a pair of compasses)

1) Get cutting – To start we needed to make all of the paint chip shapes for the garland. For this we drew around a large button to mark circle shapes but also drew a few holly leaves freehand to intersperse every now and then. Once these are all drawn out it’s time to start cutting them up. We laid them all out when they were done to make sure we had a good mix of reds and green and to make sure we had made enough. If you fancied they’d make a nice piece of festive art just like that.

2) Parchment Strips – Cut some long strips of parchment a little wider than the cut out paint chips. These won’t be part of the final garland but are a super useful aid to piecing things together. You’ll need parchment to cover the entire length of your finished garland.

3) Get sewing – Set up your sewing machine on it’s straight stitch setting with whatever colour thread you fancy. Sit the first of your strips of parchment under the needle and hold the first paint chip in place in front of the needle to begin. Slowly feed the paint chips into the machine one at a time so that each chip touches the previous and are all attached to the parchment. When you get to the end of one of your parchment strips just overlap it slightly with the previous to ensure you make a continuous run of paint chips.

4) Paper Peel – Once all of the paint chips are sewn together you should be left with one long garland all backed with parchment something like the picture above. Whilst the parchment made it super quick and easy to piece together, (believe me it took about 10 minutes to run the whole lot though the machine but would have taken hours without it), we don’t really want to sit and look at that much parchment. So carefully peel off the strips of parchment from the back of the garland. You’ll find it peels off in two pieces, one either side of the stitches.

5) Hang – Once all the parchment has been removed you should be left with a cute paint chip garland to do with as you please. We actually made quite a long garland so ended up chopping it up a little and hanging it all over the place, filling our hallway and the window sill in our bedroom.

So there you have it another simple quick project. There are literally hundreds of variations you could try (and we’d love to hear if you do!)

Almost there folks, stay tuned for our final handmade Christmas craft project tomorrow and then a well deserved break for us all x

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