Bake: German Baking Inspiration

I would be fair to say that Edinburgh is pretty blessed when it comes to places to find a good cup of coffee and a piece of cake, but over time Phil and I have settled on one or two tried and tested favourites that we find ourselves at probably more often than we should. In fact, you could put money on the fact that at some point between work finish on Friday and lunchtime on Saturday coffee and cake will have happened somewhere, somehow.

One coffee shop which is new too us (although not new to Edinburgh, we were just late to come to the party) and rapidly inching its way up our favourities list is Falko: Konditormeister in Bruntsfield. We should say at this point that we were not paid or requested to talk about Falko, we just love good coffee and cake when we see it, and never leave without baking inspiration, so we thought we should share the love.

It isn’t just Falko’s super cute interior which make it feel like the perfect place for a cup of coffee or chocolate when its cold out (which, lets be honest, it is for considerable portions of the year in Edinburgh), its the bread and cake, in abundance, which keeps us coming back and leaving excited to bake ourselves.

And when I say abundance, I mean it. I honestly could stand and look at their cake counter for hours, although if I did that the cake would all be gone because it doesn’t sit around for long in Falko. And its not just their appearance, the cakes really do stand up to the taste test.

Last weekend (as part of our little farmers market jaunt) Phil and I found ourselves at Falko at the perfect time for cake and coffee, so we indulged. Phil had a Banana chocolate gateaux which was unlike any other cake we have had, so we wanted to share it with you and use it as inspiration for a German cake baking project we plan on undertaking soon!

I think the thing which made it so different from other gateaux’s we have tried is the layer of meringue in the bottom which adds a totally unexpected crunch in between the silky mouse and super moist sponge. Stay tuned for our own cqmandb interpretation soon (although perhaps not using bananas says chief baker Phil :D)

Also, I would be remiss in chatting about Falko without mentioning their Strudel. Proper Strudel with deliciously thin crispy pastry layers is something we have always been keen to give a go, but seems as though it takes real skill to achieve, but when have we ever backed down from a challenge.

Finally, Falko is pretty renound for their breads. They have a chart telling you which of their loaves they bake on each day, 7 days a week. In particular we have fallen a little bit in love with their rye bread, which is something we are determined to get right, without it coming out as dense as a brick.

So, I guess what this post is trying to say is: consider us inspired!. Our baking fingers are itching to get going, and of course we will keep you posted.

So, go ahead a share …. do you have any tried and true favorite places which you leave feeling inspired to cook? Is your Saturday morning incomplete without coffee and cake? Do you have the recipe for the worlds best strudel? Let us know. 

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  1. Wightbookwitch says:

    If you ever give up the day job you could always become a food critic!

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