Make: Paint Chip Kitchen Wall Art

Phil and I have been fairly avid blog readers for a while now. So,
when the lovely folks over at YoungHouseLove and BowerPowerBlog (who
we arn’t ashamed to admit that we usually stop by and read daily!)
issued the Pinterest Challenge Fall Edition last week I couldn’t have been more excited to get started.

The challenge was to stop pinning and start doing. Once a season anyone who wanted to should pick one of the beautiful things they have pinned and actually get off their butts and make it.  Phil and I use Pinterest a lot (cough*toomuch*cough) and although many of our craft and cooking projects have some element of pinspiration to them, the backlog of beautiful Pinterest ideas that we are excited to try is quite frankly becoming a bit silly, so this was right up our alley!

And so we made: art for our kitchen using just Dulux paint chips!

If you follow Pinterest you’ll know that making art using paint chips is becoming a big thing (in fact, its become so popular in the US that its becoming a little bit controversial, because paint chips are usually provided free and some people worry that the paint companies will no longer be able to provide them complimentary if people use them for art.) But as luck would have it I had slowly  acquired a ton of paint samples over the past two years of painting our new house, and had kept them for craft projects etc, so what better way to use a resource I already had than making something pretty for the big blank wall in our kitchen.

Our Pinterest inspiration came from a few pictures I had been pinning
over the last couple of months:


And, really the whole process couldn’t have been simpler (I know I always claim that, but what can I say, I like simple things).

Really all we used were dulux paint samples, scissors, a pen, a ruler, a piece of white foam core board, PVA glue and an Ikea frame (to match some of the others in our house).

Its took a little bit of trial and error cutting the paint samples into triangles of the same size (some of the paint colors had longer names than others and I didn’t want the grey writing to show on the triangle) and deciding which colors looked good together.

But once they were all cut, which probably took me an afternoon in total, all that was left to do was to stick them to the board. We looked at putting them in a few different patters, but after a while decided that the loosey gooesy totally random mix of triangles was much more our style. So we each grabbed a pile of triangles and a glue brush and randomly stuck away (although in our randomness we did try to cover the board so no big bare areas of white). I was a little worried about the glue making the triangles go wrinkly as they are made of pretty thin card, but we just used a tiny dab of glue on each and thats all it too to stick them good plus no wrinkles so I was happy.

Then Phil cut the foam core board to fit in the frame, and framed the board.

Here it is all framed and finished:

And here’s what it looks like in the kitchen. Ta Dahhh.

And we couldn’t be happier. Now our kitchen as a splash of color and we arn’t looking at a blank wall when we wash up.

So, feel free to share your own pinsperation. Happy Wednesday xx

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6 Responses to Make: Paint Chip Kitchen Wall Art

  1. jud0ch0p says:

    Pinspiring! nice job

  2. this is great! love the look!

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