Cook: Basil Oil

Fresh Basil

Embarrassingly easy to make but so delicious,  basil oil definitely deserves its own little cheeky post. There was a time long in the past when I used to buy basil infused olive oil, since it’s such a tasty finishing touch to all sorts of things;  on salads, with Italian breads, drizzled on soups … I could go on … but that might be a little dull.

Now living as we do in Scotland, Sam and I have very little hope of ever growing our own basil, and seem to struggle to keep alive the little bushes of living basil you can buy from most supermarkets these days. The poor things usually last only a day before they start to wilt and look rather unhappy. That’s all fine and dandy if you plan on using the whole lot the day you buy it, but aside from making pesto I’m not sure of many recipes that require such a punch of basil.

Anyway, it always seems a little sad having to say goodbye to what was once fresh, aromatic and delicious so soon and it was a rather happy day when I discovered how much flavor I could still eek out of my slightly past it basil by turning it into basil oil.

Basil Oil


1 cup olive oil

1 cup fresh basil 

1. Heat – Roughly chop the basil, stalks and all, and add to a small saucepan with the olive oil. Place over a medium heat for 5 minutes. The oil should get hot, but the plan is not to deep fry your basil leaves. If things start to bubble or smoke then they are too hot.

2. Cool – Remove from the heat, cover and leave too cool for an hour then pour the oil into your favorite container through a sieve to remove the chopped basil

Yes it really is that easy – you can even use the left over basil as the base for a delicious tomato and basil sauce or soup. Have a go, this is possibly the simplest cooking project ever!!! 😀

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