Cook: Organic Vegetable Boxes

Phantassie Organics

A few weeks ago we were chatting to some friends about what I can’t quite remember but one of them mentioned that they had their vegetables delivered as part of an organic vegetable box scheme.

We had looked into these a couple of years ago when we both lived in the middle of nowhere and cried a little bit on the inside every time we had to spend any money. At the time these ended being a bit too much of luxury for us.

But, a couple of years on, and now living in a city we decided to look again. To our great surprise there were loads of options, at least 5 different organic farms happy to deliver to our door. What’s more they were surprisingly affordable, dare I say it, actually cheaper than non-organic produce from the supermarket!

This is all good positive stuff but my absolute favourite reason for having vegetables delivered to my door (besides any hippy snuggly feelings we get from things being local and organic) is how it has totally has changed the way we eat. Rather than selecting exactly what you want in your box, the farm delivers a selection of things currently in season, along with some staples like onions and carrots (although you can list things you really don’t want, so if you totally hate beetroot or your allergic to celery you won’t end up bombarded with veg you not going to use). As a result we now eat by the seasons and get to try all sorts of veg we would never have picked up at the store.

Our box comes from Phantassie Organics and we actually popped to see them at the Saturday farmer’s market this weekend. It was nice to put a face to the kind people that keep us eating our 5 a day! Here’s a peek at what £10 got us this week:

Organic Vegetable Box

So I guess this post is here to say check it out, have a google for organic veg box schemes in your area, you may be as pleasantly surprised as us!

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4 Responses to Cook: Organic Vegetable Boxes

  1. I love veg boxes, it’s always exciting and a challenge to use all the veg in exciting ways. Sadly my local veg box has stopped their delivery and now only supplies Riverford.
    Home grown and farmers markets for me again.

  2. Good luck with your balcony, there’s lots of people using their balconies to grow some great produce, one idea i’ve seen uses guttering stacked high to grow salads.

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