Make: Spooky Halloween Treats by Mail

Spooky Halloween Crafts by Mail

When I was growing up Halloween was a big deal in our house. Every year my Mum worked away at costumes for us. I was everything from a witch to a pilgrim to Bam Bam from the Flintstones! She would also make amazing Halloween feasts with ketchup blood and sausage fingers, spooky fruit punch and green slime milkshakes. After we had carved our pumpkins we would drive across town to trick or treat at my Grandma’s house and show her our pumpkins.

Phil and I now have our own Halloween celebrations, pumpkins and all, but every year I also try to tip my hat to Halloween with my family by making quick and cute trick or treat crafts to ship out to our nearest and dearest.

This year I decided to rock out the lowly toilet roll inner and turn them into these loveable little fellows!

Mummy lineup

They really couldn’t have been more simple to make and were a perfect Sunday afternoon project.

All you will need are a few empty toilet roll inners plus: Spooky craft materials

We had everything at home apart from the googly eyes and the white crepe so it was even a super cheap project (together these came to about £2 at Hobby Craft).

I also used a few random extras from the craft cupboard to embellish them a bit, but what you use and what personality you give them it totally up to your imagination!

In reality the only thing which took any time was remembering to squirrel away the toilet roll inners when we had finished a roll, rather than binning them. I suppose you could also use a kitchen roll inner and just snip it in half so it would take half the time to collect.

Once I had enough for one roll for each of our friends and family I then painted the outside of the rolls black to give a good background for wrapping the white crepe round. I just used bog standard poster paint, and then left them till they were fully dry (about half an hour) so that when I wrapped the white crepe round it didn’t get all black and messy from the paint.

painting the rolls black

The next thing was to stick on the googly eyes about 2/3rd of the way along the roll.


Then I simply cut the crepe into long strips around 11/2 to 2 cm wide and wrapped them round and round the rolls. I secured the ends with a dab of PVA glue, but that was really all the fixing they needed.

all wrapped up

Each little Mummy was given his own personality with random bits and bobs I had lying around – wire which I had left over from the wooly words project for glasses, some pink felt for little ears and a cheeky tongue, and just some white paper and a red pen to make the vampire fangs.

While the glue was drying on thier bodies, I made two little disks, one for the top and one for the bottom to seal them. To do this I just used black card (well, white card which I painted black because I ran out of black card) and orange card and stuck two circles together. This double layer of meant that the little top and bottom discs were stronger and would look prettier when you opened the tube than just a single colour. For the top disc glued a few strips of crepe on to help them look more mummyish.

All that was left to do was fill the little men with sweeties — sorry this is the one thing I forgot when I listed what you’d need. Anything works, although I decided to go with wrapped up sweets as it is a toilet roll holder afterall so has spent time next to the loo (and I’m just a bit germaphobic like that).Then stick the discs on the top and bottom (again I just used PVA glue and sat them upside down on the glued end while they dried.

I also decided to make some little gift tags for mine so everyone would know who’s was who’s and I attached them with some brown string.

spooky gift tags

Done. And they couldn’t have been simpler.

Here they are all ready to go, I just need to wrap them up and post them. Safe journeys little mummys 😀

ready to go

So, do you have any fun fall traditions? Do you ever made crafts and post them to your family for fun?  Do you ever squirrel away toilet roll inners like a mad woman for two weeks? Go on, spill the beans. 

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